Lincourt Manor, Inc.


Phone: 466-7855 (Auto Attendant)

Fax: 466-7853

Main Office: 466-7850

Activity Director: 466-7843

General Email Inquiries:


Administrator: Stacy Butler (466-7820)

Director of Nursing: Diane Beaulieu (466-7842)

Accounting: Jennifer Winstanley (466-7844) 

Food Services Manager: James Wiseman (466-7849)

Maintenance Manager: Ron Gardiner (466-7841)

         BOARD OF DIRECTORS  (Executive)        

  President: Jeff Sode

Vice President: Lorraine Matthews

Secretary: Betty Calder

Treasurer: Jackie Hiltz

All other members

Bruce Hennessy

Stuart Henry

Richard Purcell

Geraldine Aitken

Judith Nelson

Ann Robinson