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How Do I Enter a Nursing Home?

The Department of Social Development must approve all admissions to Nursing Homes. Staff from the Department will decide your eligibility by looking at your long term health care and social needs. If these are greater than what you, your family and the community can provide, you may be eligible for nursing home care.

You may contact Social Development (Saint John Region) 1 (866) 441-4246

What Happens?

After the Department determines your eligibility, they will send your name to all the nursing homes within 100 kilometers of your home. When these homes have a vacancy, they must select residents from the approved list. You will need to complete the Home's application as well. You may contact the Main Office (506) 466-7850 to request an application forms.

Which Nursing Home?

When you are eligible for admission, you can make your preferences known by applying directly to the nursing home you prefer. We suggest you choose more than one to increase your chances of getting in early. If possible, visit the homes in your area before you decide.

What if I'm not offered the nursing home I want?

If there is no vacancy in the nursing home you prefer, you may have to go to another nursing home within 100 kilometers of your home. You are not obliged to accept a bed in a home where you do not understand the language spoken.

What if I don't want to go to the nursing home offered to me?

You are allowed one refusal. But if you refuse a second offer, the Department will take your name off the waiting list and reassess your situation. If you can’t get into the nursing home you prefer, you can always apply to transfer there later. If you are in the hospital waiting for a placement, be sure to ask about hospital policies. The hospital may start to charge you for your room if you refuse a vacancy.